Shakeology Cleanse

Shakeology Cleanse | Shakeology Cleanse Program

 Recently, a lot of people have been kick starting their weight loss plans and boosting their metabolism to excellent results with the Shakeology cleanse, also known as the Shakeology Detox Program or the Shakeology Fast. This page will teach you both how the cleanse works and how to complete the popular “Shakeology fast” properly.

Shakeology, was originally formulated as a once per day meal replacement shake. But, for the Shakeology cleanse it is used three times per day for three days to help jump start your metabolism.

The goal of the Shakeology Cleanse is to deplete all of the toxins from your body and help regulate your body's hydration levels. Although this brief cleanse is restrictive on total calories, there won't be any negative side effects because you are still properly fueling your body with all of the proper nutrition it needs from those calories with Shakeology. The average person, while following a standard diet would have to eat almost double the amount of calories to get the same nutrition as someone doing the Shakeology Cleanse. It’s the perfect start to a diet for anyone who wants a three day jump start to looking and feeling better.

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How to perform the Shakeology Cleanse | Shakeology Detox

Shakeology Cleanse: The Plan

Three servings of Shakeology each day.

Two cups green tea each day.

One or two servings of fruit each day. (This is optional if you feel that you need additional calories)

One salad at dinner. ( Six ounces of white grilled protein can be added to salad. Skinless chicken, turkey, fish)
The Shakeology Cleanse:  Breakdown
Breakfast: Start with one Shakeology meal replacement shake. Make Shakeology only with water and ice if preferred.

Snack One: One piece of fruit and/or cup of green tea.

Lunch: Shakeology mixed with water only. Blend with ice if desired. One cup of green tea.

Snack two: Shakeology (For this snack you can choose to have your Shakeology meal replacement shake before or after dinner)

Dinner: A salad containing healthy greens and up to three servings of vegetables, 6 ounces grilled white meat (poultry or fish). Two table spoons dressing.

Consume at least 64-128 oz. of water daily.

The Shakeology Cleanse: Results

When completed properly most people will lose around 2 lbs. per day. Some people have even been reported to lose up to twelve lbs. for the three day cleanse cycle.

This cleanse is designed to be a kick off to help your metabolism when starting a new diet or to help you break through a plateau. It is NOT meant to be a steady diet. Use it occasionally as a diet boost or when getting ready to start a new exercise program.